Create your own menu from the selections below To order simply quote the number next to the item and how many of each you require “Item 10(a) x 25, Item 14 x 30, etc or select one of our set menus.


Hot & Cold Finger Food

Alternatively, we can create a menu to suit your particular budget
or theme.  Delivery fees apply to all orders minimum $15 delivery fee per delivery.

(“V” indicates vegetarian items; “G” indicates gluten free items.)


Finger food set menus

Menu no 1

Tomato, basil, fetta & cracked black pepper tarts (V-GF)

Teriyaki beef ball, sesame crust &  soy syrup (GF)

Thai chicken cake, mini tart & Thai style dressing


Domains own sausage rolls, tomato dip

Smoky Tennessee glazed chicken wings (GF)

Indian spiced pumpkin, tomato & almond tarts (GF)

$17 per head 1 piece each per person

Menu no 2

Soy glazed chicken & green onion pancake rolls

Grilled haloumi, tomato & basil bruschetta (V)

Mini tart, guacamole, sweet chili & parmesan (GF)

Wanton cup, Thai spiced chicken & peanut salad


Lamb & fetta pies, tomato dip

Grilled vegetable & kale pesto tarts (V)

Greek spiced chicken, red pepper & chorizo rolls

Prawn tail, wanton wrap, sweet chili dip

$23 per head 1 piece each per person


Menu no 3

Asian spoon, prawn tail, mango salsa (GF)

Grilled Haloumi, tomato & basil bruschetta (V)

Smoked salmon, caper, kale pesto roulade, set in mini pastry cup

Hoisin duck & green onion pancake rolls


Japanese crumbed French lamb Cutlet

Pork belly & Apple stack, lashed with a soy syrup (GF)

Atlantic salmon, red pepper & chorizo rolls (GF)

Pumpkin & fetta risotto, kasundi dip (V)

To finish

Petit four selection, Asian spoon, dusted with powdered sugar

$30 per head 1 piece each per person


Finger food set menus (per piece)

Cold Finger foods $2.75 per unit

1. Dou of lamb rissoles on bamboo, lashed with raita

2. Vegetable frittata, kale pesto & shaved parmesan (GF)

3. Ratatouille tarts, parmesan crumble & sour cream (V)

4. Vietnamese vegetable rice paper rolls, sweet chili dipping sauce (V,GF)

5. Wanton cup stuffed with Thai chicken & peanut salad

6. Fig, cranberry & stilton tarts (V)

7. Assorted sushi soy dip (V, GF)

8. Grilled eggplant, spinach, kalamata olive & parmesan roll (GF,V)

9. Dou of sesame crusted Teriyaki Beef balls drizzled with a soy ginger glaze

10. Puff pastry scrolls stuffed with parmesan, mushroom, Kalamata olive & sundried tomato (V)

11. Sesame pancake rolls, Cajun chicken & prune jam

12. Chilled cheese scone, lamb patty & green pickle


Cold Finger foods $3.25 per unit

13. Potato rosti, smoked salmon & onion jam

14. Sesame crepe roll, raw vegetable bouquet (V)

15. Mini tart topped with chicken, cos, Caesar dressing & parmesan

16. Grilled halloumi, tomato & basil bruschetta (V)

17. Potato rosti, Harvey beef fillet & chili jam

18. Tomato, basil, feta & cracked black pepper tarts

19. Horseradish blini stack, smoked salmon & green tomato chutney

20. Vegetable frittata, mini tart, parmesan & pesto (V)

21. Asian style duck, & vegetable rice paper rolls

22. Pastry cup, guacamole, sweet chili & parmesan  (V)

23. Duck pancake rolls, hoisin & green onion

24. Chicken, brie & cranberry tarts

25. Indian pancake, Tandoori chicken, & raita

26. Smoked chicken salad pastry cup, Caesar dressing & parmesan


Hot Finger Foods $2.75 per unit

27. Spinach & Feta puff rolls  (V)

28. Shredded pork belly & apple pies

29. Chicken satay on bamboo peanut sauce

30. Indian spiced pumpkin, tomato & sour cream tarts (V)

31. Domains own sausage rolls tomato dip

32.  Pork belly, bacon & apple rolls

33. Italian smoked wiener, crisp bacon wrap

34. Prawn tail & spring roll wrap on bamboo with sweet chili

35. Thai spiced chicken, crisp wanton wrap, soy dip

36. Greek spiced chicken on bamboo, simply grilled

37. Domains own Harvey beef & onion pies

38. Smokey barbecued chicken, cherry tomato & chorizo rolls

39. Homemade Indian spiced pumpkin samosa sweet chili dip

40. Petite vegetable pizza feta crust

41. Quiche- ham, cheese, tomato or grilled vegetable


Hot finger food $3.25 per unit

42. Peppered lamb loin on bamboo simply grilled (GF)

43. Indian spiced coconut & vegetable cakes, sesame seed crust

44. Crisp pork belly Apple & soy (GF)

45. Chicken, snow pea & chorizo rolls

46. Barbecued Prawn cutlet, chorizo wrap, domains own tomato relish  (GF)

47. Field mushroom, feta & olive risotto crisp herb crumb crust

48. Asian duck breast & vegetable spring rolls

49 Ground chicken cakes, Thai spices, sweet chili dip  (GF)

50. Domains own mini hamburger, pickle, cheddar & Kasundi

51. Lamb shank, feta & vegetable pie

52. Chermoula spiced lamb topped with herb crumble

53. Spicy Peri Peri chicken, green onion & bacon rolls, kasundi dip (GF)

54. Pizza, prawn, tomato, basil & feta

55. Pork belly, chorizo & apple rolls

56. Chicken, lemon, chorizo &  rosemary risotto rolled in panko crumbs


Finger food $5 per unit

57. French lamb cutlet & herb crumb crust (Hot)

58. Crisp skinned snapper Asian spoon, vegetable stir fry & soy glaze (GF)

59. 2 bite hamburger, cheddar, pickle & relish  ( Vegetarian available) (Hot


Something sweet $3 per unit

60. Gluten free chocolate brownie, strawberry, Asian spoon & rich choc sauce (GF)

61. Toasted banana bread, banana & maple syrup

62. Mini apple & cinnamon crumble tarts

63. Mini banana spring rolls,

64. Choc dipped strawberries, rich choc dipping sauce (GF)


Something substantial to finish -

To be heated & served in coffee cup with spoon on site, chef required

Thai style green chicken curry & rice - $7

Peppered Harvey beef fillet & mushroom ragout, steamed rice & parmesan- $8

Braised lamb shank & vegetables topped with potato mash- $8

Sesame chicken, steamed rice Asian dressing & crisp wanton -$7

Asian vegetable stir fry, Japanese rice roast sesame seed dressing -$7

Baked vegetable pie topped with parmesan crumble- $7


Associated Services

Staff Costs - Monday - Saturday

Wait staff - $35 per hour (minimum 3 hrs)

Chefs - $40 per hour (minimum 2 hrs)


A fee will apply to all pick up & deliveries


Staff Costs - Sundays, Public Holidays

Wait staff - $40 per hour (minimum 3 hrs)

Chefs - $60 per hour (minimum 3 hrs)

Delivery fee 25% surcharge


Hire goods available -

A replacement fee will apply for any breakages or loss of hire goods.

Glassware: Beer, wine, champagne flute - $1 per unit


Crockery: Side plates, dinner plates - $1 per unit

Coffee cups & saucers - $1 per set


All cutlery - 90c per unit

Cloth Napkins - $3.50 per unit

6ft trestle table with Black or white starched table cloth - $35 a set

Table cloths black or white 6ft - $25, 8ft - $35 each



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