Sandwich Platters

Our sandwich platters consist of freshly baked breads, stuffed full with delicious combinations of assorted meats, poultry & vegetarian fillings.


We recommend one and a half rounds per person for lunch if only having sandwiches, rolls or wraps. You may wish to add fruit platters, cheese, quiche, cake, slice of the day, juice or some of our finger foods to your lunch order.

Or you may wish to select our Light Luncheon Meal (below).


Light Luncheon Meal - $15.50 per head

Mixed  sandwiches assorted meats & vegetarian

Assorted quiche, meat & vegetarian (1 per person)

Fruit skewer (1 per person)

Bite size assorted cakes & slices

Choose from the following sandwich platters we use Lawleys white, multigrain & wholemeal loaves :

Sandwich Triangles - $6.75 per round: cut into 4 triangles

Finger Sandwiches - $2.50 per finger crusts removed

Sandwich halves - $6.75 per round: filled and simply cut in half

Wraps - $8.50 per round: cut in half

Rolls Che Jean Claude Subiaco

Gourmet rolls - $8.50 per roll: Assorted jean Claude Rolls & Baguettes                          Mini rolls - $5 per roll

Gluten free Sarafine White & grain loaves Denmark WA $7.50 per round

We use freshly baked farmhouse white, wholemeal and multigrain breads, filled with combination of meats, cheeses, salads, sauces and condiments -  including roast beef, pastrami, leg ham, chicken, salami, silverside and local cheeses.



Assorted mini quiche (ham, cheese, tomato & vegetarian) - $2.50ea

Seasonal fruit platter - $5.00 per person

Mini Fruit skewers - $2.50ea

Large Fruit skewers - $3.50ea

100% Orange juice (2 ltr) - $8

100% Apple juice (2 ltr) - $8

Milk (3 ltr) -  $8                                                                                                                   Water 600 mls - $2.50


A $10 pick up fee will apply to all orders.

A pick up fee will apply if platters not ready for pick up on return.

A replacement fee will apply for all loss or breakage of Domain equipment.


Associated Services

Staff Costs - Monday - Saturday

Wait staff - $35 per hour (minimum 3 hrs)

Chefs - $40 per hour (minimum 2 hrs)

Minimum delivery fee $15


Staff Costs - Sundays, Public Holidays

Wait staff - $35 per hour (minimum 3 hrs)

Chefs - $40 per hour (minimum 3 hrs)

Minimum delivery fee $20


Hire goods available -

A replacement fee will apply for any breakages or loss of hire goods.

A cleaning fee will apply for all items requiring cleaning, 50c per unit.

Glassware: Beer, wine, champagne flute - $1 per unit

Crockery: Side plates, dinner plates - $1 per unit

Coffee cups & saucers - $1 per set

All cutlery - 90c per unit

Cloth Napkins - $3.50 per unit

6ft trestle table with Black or white starched table cloth - $35 a set

Table cloths black or white 6ft - $25, 8ft - $35 each

Hot Box (gas) - $100




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